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I usually let the stamp sit for 45 seconds to a minute or so. With every letter on the alphabet in an antique, classical font, these stamp heads are amazingly efficient, allowing you to reach awesome results without even having to do that much pressure on the wax. One thing we can guarantee you here, at WaxSealStore, is that we have an appreciation for the art of wax sealing, meaning that we want this antique craft to reach the spotlight once again. Palms (Art. 99550010) : Work well with the Wise Men. Enjoy your wax sealing wherever and whenever you want, always carrying a pair in your work case. This will remove a little of the darkness of the black, but allows work to continue without any waiting. Once you have enough wax on the paper, dampen a stamp with a little water and press it firmly into the wax. Let cool and peel off the wax. Blow on it to spread out the wax and cool it down slightly. Here are a range of wax stamps and badges that you can use.

The standard design in this range is the alphabet in a classic font and can be viewed via this link. Stamp head size range from 23 -25mm. A smooth wooden handle and solid brass head. Sharing the same amazing price tags and the fantastic wooden and brass wax seals, the only differences in these offers are the stamp head designs. Also included here are wedding announcement designs – for everyone who had their weddings cancelled by covid but got married anyway! First, choose colours that are reasonably transparent. In PowerPoint you can add your own text or change the colours to fit. You can always add more glue stick pieces or more crayon shavings if you need to. Regardless, I always start with a 2:1 ratio of glue sticks to crayons — so either two glue sticks and one crayon, or one glue stick and half a crayon. Each one uses a similar process, so the steps listed here are those used in that shared process. Can’t choose just one design?

Print the stamp design onto a piece of white Encaustic Art painting card. Do this for every new stamped card that you begin to apply wax onto. First carefully positioning the stamp above the card where you want the image to be. Secondly, use some clear wax on the iron in the area that will pass over the stamped image. “LetterSeals.com is a Seattle area home-based business. Branding yourself a business never been easier! Hold down in a firm action for a couple of seconds to ensure a good contact and printing. A good tip is to print a larger number of cards with the stamp image and then leave them all to dry together. Alternatively, leave the ink to dry naturally. For immediate use you can overlay a doubled layer of tissue and then iron with a clean warm iron to instantly dry off the fresh ink. Using a black dye ink pad, coat the stamp face evenly by pressing onto the pad, ensuring the whole surface is covered and black.

Often times people would imprint their sealing wax with initials, coat of arms, or other insignia as their personal mark on the sealing wax. Commercial sealing wax is more of a plastic-y substance designed to be flexible, durable, color-fast and not greasy (which could potentially ruin your invitations). In the 1880’s sealing wax was confined to those courtly correspondences, express parcels containing valuables for security, money parcels sent by express or foreign dispatches. Some early common kinds of sealing wax were called Indian and Dutch, both being red. Black sealing wax was made with the common lamp black. The sealing wax was used to “seal” the letters or envelopes, with or without a wafer. With the onset of gummed envelopes, however, sealing wax and wafers eventually took a brief repose. By the 1870s few were using sealing wax, wafers and folded letters without envelopes. There are additions that include a gift box, and/or a stick of sealing wax.

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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it is a great gift option for giving the letter-writing enthusiast. This may be a great item to put on your list as a gift suggestion if you find yourself being asked what you yourself would like to receive for Mother’s Day! It was seen that sealing wax in the 1880s was more commonly used in Great Britain than in America. The French even went so far as to perfume the sealing wax, commonly with musk, or some other perfume. Included with this purchase is a stick of high quality sealing wax, allowing for its immediate use on arrival. After many mixes and messes, trying everything from colored beeswax candles, cheese wax, and paraffin wax, I remembered trying to clean up the large round balls of melted glue stick that dripped on Mr. Handy’s grandmothers craft table. You can get a large quantity of them without having to worry with them taking too much space or being too heavy to carry around.